suzukiWhat is the Suzuki Method?

The Suzuki Method of Music Education is a method based on how humans learn language. Through auditory examples, repetition and building skills in small steps, children learn to speak their native tongue. This “Mother Tongue” approach was utilized by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in the mid 20th century as he designed the method first for the violin and then created “schools” with other pedagogues for various instruments. In the 1970’s, flutist Toshio Takahashi worked closely with Dr. Suzuki to develop what is now known as the Suzuki Method for flute.

One of the most profound aspects of the Suzuki Method is its reverence for the student as an entire person. Integrating motor skills, brain function and “developing the ear” are all important components as well as nurturing the student through the learning of music. Dr. Suzuki said “Beautiful tone, beautiful heart”.

Suzuki Teachers must be accepted by audition to be allowed to train as a teacher. They then receive comprehensive training to utilize the philosophies and techniques to be a successful teacher. The Suzuki Method is designed to be tailored to each individual student. It is definitely NOT a “one size fits all” type of learning. Teachers are trained to be positive, nurturing and caring. Teachers are aware of how children develop mentally and physically and learn how to instruct children appropriately.
The Suzuki Method utilizes the parent as well. Parents are expected to attend lessons and help the child practice his or her assignments. This often proves to be a very rewarding experience.
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suzuki-2Suzuki Instruction:
I have over 20 year of experience teaching all ages of students. Some of my students have gone on to study music at top US music schools. Some of my students have won national competitions. But my hope for all of my students is that whatever capacity they choose-that they always enjoy music and enjoy playing the flute. I accept students from age three and older.
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Suzuki Flute Teacher Training
In 2007, I was appointed to Suzuki Teacher Trainer status. I am qualified to train flute teachers in the Suzuki Method. If you are interested in training, you can find out more about auditions and the prerequisite course, “Every Child Can” at or you can contact me.