Vermont Virtuosi: Showcasing the state’s composers, musicians and more
Time Argus article – April 21, 2018 – by Jim Lowe

“Vermont Virtuosi, now in its fifth season as one of the state’s finest chamber music series, was created to showcase the music of flutist Laurel Ann Maurer and her husband, composer David Gunn. But they see it also as an opportunity to showcase other Vermont composers and musicians.” Read Article

The Magic Flutes – Article in the Lake Champlian Weekly, April 6, 2016 – Read Article

Laurel Ann Maurer: Have flute, will travel, By Jim Lowe, December 27,2012
“Central Vermont is not only home to one virtuoso flutist, but now two. Laurel Ann Maurer, through a series of life
changes, found herself living in Barre and married to composer David Gunn. “I’ve lived all over the country and I don’t know if I could say that any place was home,” she said in a recent interview. “But now I feel that I’m home.” read complete article

Miyazawa Featured Artist Interview May 2008
“I think that a great teacher provides years of inspiring moments. Of course there are great moments of realization, for instance, when Julius Baker said to me “change your tone,” that truly take your playing to a higher level. But there are also the other comments that come back as you need them as you proceed in this musical journey. Sam Baron was a great analyst and his approaches to understanding music and working on music are still with me today and are passed on to my students. Precision and perfection are the qualities that Jeanne Baxtresser embodies in her playing and she continues to inspire me to play at the highest level that I can. . . .” read complete article

A Tribute to Julius Baker (1915-2003)
“Our world will never be the same. Yet, it is so much richer for his presence. I feel even more intensely the great privilege that I enjoyed by working with him”. read complete article

Playing Pain Free, or Why I Hold My Flute Straight
“In my junior year, I began to experience pain in my upper back when I would practice. At first, it would happen only after a long practice session. But soon, I could not practice for more than 20 minutes without having to stop! Needless to say, I was quite upset. . . .” read complete article

Five Steps to a Polished Piece . . .
“We are now at the most critical point. Too often I hear students performing at a masterclass or competition who have only completed the first three steps. The following two steps can transform a piece into music. . . .read complete article

More Than Just the Notes
“Art provides humanity with the opportunity to experience its emotions and to relate to the rest of humanity. People attend concerts to experience the beauty and the power of music and all that goes into the music — not just the notes. . . .” read complete article

flute-talk-april-2007-cover Teaching with Creativity, an interview with Laurel Ann Maurer